How to apply for IPO using HDFC Bank?

can i apply for an ipo using hdfc bank after market hours? say around 10pm?

I did all the things mentioned. Even clicked final submit. My money got debited but still I cant see IPO in order book. Why so?

I am facing the same problem

How to resolve this ppl… the order book is blank after success message is displayed

Could you check after 10 AM tomorrow? It’s possible that HDFC will send the order to the exchange then.

I hv one doubt. After placing order thru HDFC, it’s showing zero balance under fund release head and limit head. My DP is Zerodha. While buying, funds were not sufficient in my savings account. Now I have put required funds. Shall I place the fresh order once again

I have placed order for Mindspace REIT today and it is listed under IPO order book. After that I need to click on “Release” button under Funds Release tab

In the HDFC IPO application page, I cannot see drop down as Individual Retail investor, Should I contact HDFC or anyone faced this issue earlier?
Kindly help

You can just reload the page and try again. Anyways, it is past cut-off time to apply for IPO, you won’t be able to apply now.

Yes I’m aware that 2.30 PM is cut off time, I tried around 11 AM. Reload also didn’t work, all I can see in the drop down is mazdock employee option.

There were two options to apply for IPO, General and Employee. You must have selected later one that is why this issue.

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Thanks a lot, you are right! I missed to see this in a hurry.

How to invest more than 2 lakhs in IPO ?

You will have to make an application through Netbanking ASBA. The process for the same has been explained in detail here.

Hi, I applied for an IPO through hdfc net banking and used my zerodha demat account. If I get allotment, will the share be deposited directly into my zerodha account?

Yes, if you get the allotment, shares will be credited to your Demat account with Zerodha.

@mohitmehra Are Investors eligible to bid at cut off price under Non Institutional Investors Category?

If no, how to bid when the price band is fixed at 25rs-26rs? Since we don’t know at what price registrar will determine the allotment price, we can only assume that 26rs is the cut off price right?

If we bid at 25 we are not getting the allotment.

Should I mention the price as 26 instead of ticking the checkbox which says “cut off”? But both are same right.

Retail investors can select cut-off to apply for an IPO.

It’s ideal to select cut-off or the maximum price. Say you applied at Rs 26 and the allotment price is Rs 25 - you will get allotment at Rs 25. (By selecting cut-off or the max price you’re just expressing interest of the max amount you want to pay).

Learn more about how bidding works here.

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You can apply for any bank’s IPO either via a physical application process or via net banking these days. You need to login on NetBanking and select IPO Application. Please note the IPO application is only for Indian residents over 18 years.
Then a hold will be marked on the total amount, at a higher price bid by you
Your bidding money will remain blocked up to the time of allotment
Then your account will be automatically debited post allotment of shares
Make sure the information mentioned is correct, if not the bis can get rejected and the bank will not be liable for losses.
Hope this helps.

Hi what should i fill in DP name in my case I have a demat account with GROWW