How to apply for IPO using HDFC Bank?

You need to check with HDFC.

Hi, I was trying to apply for the Godrej Agrovet IPO, I am able to go till entering the Depository details, I am able to enter the name as Zerodha and select CDSL. If I select CDSL, then DP ID field is not enabled and does not allow you to enter in the field, but beneficiary account number is enabled. In this case, do I enter the 16 digit number in the beneficiary account number field itself? Kindly clarify. Thanks.

Yes. You can enter the 16 digit number in the beneficiary account number field and continue.

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Thanks @BharatW for the detailed explaination. It really helps. For the above scenario ( i.e. having demat with zerodha and applying for the IPO through HDFC netbanking) If any allotment is made, and if user wishes to sell it later, will it be possible to sell it through zerodha or it needs to be done through HDFC only.?


While applying for the IPO using HDFC bank, you enter your Zerodha Demat details. If you receive an allotment, the shares will be transferred to your Zerodha Demat account and these shares will appear in your Kite Holdings on the listing date. So you have to sell it through your Zerodha trading account only.

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Any update on why your IPO order wasn’t showing in your order book?

Oh yeah… something was wrong with the HDFC website itself… It started working for me the next day I tried with same steps.

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Thank you @Srinivas :slight_smile:

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As per my knowledge ( I am Zerodha Client ) to purchase IPO, you have to open account in SBI (SBI is very easy).
net banking when you open onlinesbi account, click on e-services. Left side 5th OR 6th Head is DEMAT and ASBA
Click on it. Then select IPO (Equity) Accept. Then you will select Category Select Individual. Then you will see IPO Name.s. Select One of it. There are two types of IPOS 1) 1 lack to 1.50 lack 2) 12 to 15 thousand. Most of the people work in Second Group. Individual can apply below 2 lakhs. May be 8/12/13 lots.or 1 lot. Bank do not send money to ipo company/BSE they keep your amount in Lien. If you get IPO your amount is transferred. If not, your Lien amount is remove in your account. As I think, apply for more lots. so that you will get one. Apply first day or Second day. I have applied for 24 IPOs and I got only 8 times. But I got 27000 in Six Months from 8 IPOs. Thank you.

Hey, I have apply IOP using hdfc net banking and able to do it success fully. But when i apply another ipo using same bank accout and different demat account it show you have already applied by this client id.How can apply multiple iop using same hdfc bank account??

How will i know that order is confirmed and how to check status of IPO application that we have placed???

I didn’t get any mail or amount didn’t get blocked still.

@Karan_Patel, did you have this checked from hdfc? Are you still unable to place multiple IPOs using different Demat numbers from the same bank account?

After you have successfully placed your IPO bid, you should be able to see this order in your IPO orderbook.

Thanks a ton… very well explained

Why is it showing ‘N’ below the Cutoff option? It is showing as ‘Y’ in my friend’s account.

Is there any difference in allocation based on NSDL OR CSDL ? bcoz NSDL have generally lower subscription then csdl

Whether all IPOs will be available for subscription in all bank websites? or only selective IPOs will be listed in selective Banks??


All IPOs will be available through netbanking, just remember to take the details correctly from your back office Q before applying on the internet banking portal.


I could not apply IPO in newly opened HDFC branch. In the “place order” window Bank details could not be filled as default as well as by drop down menu. When I inquired in branch they told me to link HDFC bank a/c. With zerodha. Is it correct? (Actually, I opened DP in ZERODHA with SBI BANK A/C NO.)

You can visit for hdfc bank here

For offline mode use below link