How to Arrange Funds for Option Selling?

What is the best way to accumulate capital for option selling? Considering, that you can’t borrow from anyone and don’t have much in the family to ask for.

If you rely on a single job, it will take almost 10 to 15+ years. Considering you started from a low paying job and grew gradually. :thinking:

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Its depend … if you already know how option work … how option selling work … experience with adjustments and want to earn some money then 10-50L min amount for good return …

If you dont know about option or know simple basic want to learn from real market then 3-5L bcoz in learning time with risk management 1-2 L burn …

This Is Just My Experience advice

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You can pledge shares and mutual funds to get ~80% margin money. You need min. 1.5L for one lot in Nifty options selling. With hedging strategy you may need less than 1L.

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