How to backest trading strategy for longer duration like 1 year or 2 years

PI limits backtesting to last 120 days. However to check a positional trading strategy its not long enough. How can I backtest for much longer duration like 2 years on nifty hourly charts.

We will soon start providing much larger data to backtest. But make sure while doing that, you don’t open the backtest chart, and also use a powerful machine.

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Even the maximum limit to add scrips in the market watch and the number of charts to be opened at once is annoying. Please resolve this issue.

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Thanks Nithin it will be great if you could come with this. Actually in previous version of PI this limit of 120 days was not present so i could backtest till last 5-6 months data, but the latest version has imposed it. But anyways I will wait for the much larger data set…