How to be a good trader


How will I be a good trader?? I always busy with my family business. But I want to invest in stock market. But I have no enough knowledge about stock market. How can I prepare myself for share trading??


Read Zerodha Varsity

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Everyone want’s the eternal secret to make money in the market, look for the edge etc… etc… but there’s many and then there’s none as not everything works for everybody.

Lately I have made a steadfast rule not to trade anything except equity and for just .05 paise profit
and make just 1-2 trade in the entire day. Look for a share below 10 rs with huge intraday volume like suzlon or Jp associates and just make a .05 paise profit with around 2 lakh quantities. I don’t think it would be hard to get .05 with the daily range is about 25-60 paise. The most important rule is not to be greedy and get out with just .05 in the trend and never break any rules. After you buy/sell and your order is filled, immediately place a reverse order .05 paise above/below your buy/sell price, do not just sit and wait for a miracle move, they happen but rarely. Also never place a trade if you don’t feel like it, after all not trading could be still a better option than loosing money. You could make 10000 in a single trade with 10-15 lakhs money.

The most important rule is not to be greedy and not hold the position for long. Also only get into high volume stocks. Lets see how many days I can continue the winning trend until I make a mistake, after all I am still a human.

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Good Trader = Passion + experience
Experience = time of screen hours

3-4 years - survival time.

Time line give or take 5-6 years of tremendous passion, dedication and hard work, then you may have a chance.

At non stop 10+ years, you may get a whip of something.

20+years = you can be a master.

But no one has time. They just want to make money. Cuz, it’s just a click of a mouse.