How to be patient in trading?

I am learning about stock market for last 4 months through books, courses, youtube video and seminars. Now i have started trading. I am starting with amount Rs. 1000 rupees to just learn how real experience is. So made a profit of Rs. +14, +7, +57 in last three days. Should i more focus on my intuition or on trading strategies? Also i am not able to hold my positions for long due to that i got some losses. How to overcome that?

Being desciplined and controlling your emotions while trading is hardest things to do. I’d suggest you go through this module on Varsity, you will learn a lot on Trading Psychology.

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  1. While you learn, invest surplus, so that you are comfortable even if the capital is down 90%, this brings you great learning + Flexibility to strategies during volatility across market cycles only if rule 1 is " to keep liquidity live".

  2. At times, even experts are learning after 10-15Y , because market conditions including regulations are dynamic. For ex- an year back a product named CO could have given more leverage than today it can, only due to tightening compliance. so " Give it time & keep improving the %'s YoY".

  3. While learning to survive and grow your capital with trading, it is always a healthy idea to systematically park a part of your surplus into diversified equities that inspire you during unseen tough times. " Trust Quality businesses & give it time ".

4.“Have an Eagle Eye” over annual growth on capital and time employed for investing+trading.

  1. Don’t underestimate any observations or learnings from markets and counter emotions with strict stop-losses.

Nothing can be as enlightening as markets itself. Wishing you the best with your strategies.

Happy Investing.
Team StockOrganics.