How to build an automated execution app with coded parameters to buy and sell which includes selling on profit or Stoploss

Hello guys, Im new here i wanted to know how do you create an automated execution app with api connect where I select stocks by discretionary to buy and sell specific qty based on calculated position sizing formula. I would like to describe further to the algo… First i will select specific stocks to go long/short and make a list of that. Second, the app should be coded such that a buy/sell order should be triggered when the current market price crosses candlestick high/low. Third, the app should be able to take profit or Stoploss on defined parameters. I know its a basic question to other sophisticated algo traders but Im a newbie… so Please do reply, any comment would be welcome. Thank You everyone in advance.

YOu can Use @Streak for this brother. Your requirement can easily be created there. Select stocks in strategy >> Then use condition “close(0) higher than high(-1)” for example and select 1 min time frame to get entry when current 1 min candle closes higher than prev candle high. >> select the SL TP as needed and done. You can backtest also and implement live also.

Its very easy for non programers like us bro(Assuming you too don’t know tech much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). Try it once, you can login to

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