How to buy NCD Piramal?

Piramal group NCD’s , How to buy it?

Apply thru sbi india ASBA services.

I applied using Golden Pi. It’s similar to any IPO application.

You can buy NCD through your demat account if you have one. That’s pretty easy and convenient.

How can i apply through kite

You currently cannot apply for NCD IPOs. You can apply through Netbanking ASBA using your Demat account details, upon allotment the NCDs will be credited to your Demat account. You can check out the ASBA application process here.

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@ShubhS9 I was wondering is there any specific reason why Zerodha is not offering NCD IPOs? I understand earlier it was issue with ASBA method and zerodha didn’t support it.
But now as far as I know, even NCD IPO applications can be made using UPI mandate (GoldenPi does that).
So why is zerodha holding out?

Akash, this is on our list of things to do :slightly_smiling_face:


@Akash_Shah Piramal now has the assets of DHFL too after the NCLT/ NCLAT judgement? Does this NCD offer have those underlying DHFL assets?

I am not sure but I doubt it.
Technically takeover of DHFL by Piramal is not yet complete (they have just got approval to take over process is not completed)
Hence I believe this will only have current Piramal portfolio as underlying assets.

But once merger is completed. Everything will be single pool. So eventually it will be mix of both.

There are various tenure Piramal NCD, will different tenure NCD be listed separately?
Suppose I buy for the 26 months tenure Piramal NCD, How will the bond be redeemed and amount be credited?

Since its listed on stock exchange will be redeemed at market value or at face value?

Each will have a different and unique label and ISIN.

After the maturity, the bonds would be delisted (taken off from your Demat account automatically) and your primary bank account as mentioned in the Demat account would receive the monies.

Face value. Also, if it the interest payment is cumulative instead of annual, you would receive the interest. For the annual interest payment option, you get the interest amount credited annually.

From the day it is listed and until the day it is delisted, the market value may increase or decrease. The unit which costs now Rs 1000 may become 900 or 1200, all depending on market and many factors. If you want, you may sell at higher price and get out, or you may add more when it is lower value. It’s all subject to market risk. If you sell before 3 years, it would incur in short term capital gain debt. The interest amount received would be added as income from other sources and added to your total income and taxed.

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