How to buy stocks on ipo listing day special pre market session from 9:00 to 9:45am

I want to know what would be a good strategy to place limit orders in special pre-market session on the day of the IPO listing. What limit should you place? How are the margin managed during pre-opening session? Can we place MIS orders as well?

Also how is margin managed for multiple limit orders?

How can you manage to purchase stock on listing price at 10AM. Is it a good strategy to place market order on 10AM?

No one knows at what price it will be listed and to know that price only pre open is conducted, one can see indicative open price based on demand and supply on market depth itself. That keeps on changing till 9.45 so one can try to match that but execution is not guaranteed.

100% margin is required and mis or other intraday products are not allowed.

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Thank you for your response.

Can you also elaborate on whether Is it a good strategy to place market order on 10AM? and if you placed multiple limit orders how margin is managed

There is nothing as one better strategy or idea for this. Also one require 100% cash to buy equity so no point of margin, one should have full cash to buy equities in cnc.

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