How to buy treasury bills?

  1. help me understand the procedure of E-KUBER bidding ?

  2. difference between competitive & non-competitive bids ?

  3. criteria for bid / bill allocation ?

  4. tax policies for the same .

  5. minimum quantity that can be bought

  6. can retail individuals (domestic/foreign) invest in them ?

  7. can institutions (foreign/domestic) invest in them ?

The most convenient mode of transacting in GOI Securities / Treasury Bills is by opening Constituent SGL account with a Bank / NSDL. A Constituent SGL account is very much like a depository account by means of which a person can engage in paperless transaction in GOI Securities and Treasury Bills.

Couple of your questions are answered in the below link.


how to open this account on NSDL ?

Get in touch with any bank they will help you out on this.