How to calculate Stop loss % for nifty & Banknifty in GTT

Can anyone help me out with this?
I don’t know how to calculate the % for Target and stop loss for index options GTT order.
For instance, at BN spot is at 35500 and if i bought a call option at 35500CE @ 600 Rs and enter target as 10% then will it trigger when the price of the CE gets to 660 or if the underlying moves 10% ?
The same doubt is applicable for stop loss too.
Thanks in advance!

Target will will trigger when price of the option moves by 10%. Not the underlying. Same goes for Stoploss.

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Thanks for the response. I have one more doubt. Say for example I set a target of 10% for 35500CE and on next day there is a huge gap up and the price opened 50% above the yesterday’s close price. So in this case will my 10% target book the profit at the first candle @9:15 or wait till the price drops and meet my actual 10% target? Also does these triggers execute these orders as market orders?

The question is vice versa for stop loss.