How to calculte return on T bill?

how to calculate return on t bill suppose I invested Rs 10000 for 91 days how much I get at time of maturity
Indicative yield* 6.39%

For 10k assuming return of 6.39%, you get monthly=[10000*(6.39/100)]/12= 53.25 Rs
for 91 days, it’s 53.25*3=159.75 Rs…so you end up with 10,159.75/- after 91 days
Thanks to @Prakhar_Agrawal for pointing out the error

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No you will get something around 50-55 per monthl. Recalculate it

Also, just a small change, Tbills are discounted instruments, means upon expiry one will get 100, so investment will be lesser than 100, may be 98 or 97, so return should be calculated based on buy price and not on 100, anyhow this won’t make much difference but just letting you know.


sorry to late response s site was down. and thanks for the info…