How to change the order type in zerodha pi

i want to place a order in zerodha pi and if the pi shows the order type such as limit type, how do i change the order type to market order or any type of other order from one order type to other?


While placing an order in Pi, the order window will populate 4 options under Order type - Limit, Market, SL and SL-M.

You can choose any one of these 4 options for Order type before you place your order.

Let’s assume you have placed a Buy Limit order and now your order is Open in the Orderbook.

You have the option to also Modify an Open order in Pi from the Orderbook where you can again choose any one of the 4 available options for Order type before you modify the order.

and adding to what bharatW said,

You can modify a Limit Order to Market Order Only and you **can’**t modify a Limit Order to SL or SL-M.

SL or SL-M can be modified to any other Order Type like LIMIT or MARKET or SL or SL-M

i mean how to change this when BUYING FROM THE CHART directly in zerodha pi.