How to check my demat account which was created during zerodha sign-up

How to check my demat account which was created during Zerodha sign-up?

You can register for CDSL Esai, this let’s you view your Demat holdings. The procedure has been explained here.

Are there any charges for the same?

There are no charges.

Can I open easiest account instead? If yes, charges for easiest?

It is not recommended to open Easiest account, the reason is explained here.

Thanks. I wanted to open easiest account for my family member and transfer shares to my zerodha Demat account I wanted to know the charges for the same. Also, in the case of share transfer, will he have to pay LTCG for the same? Holding is for many years.

You mentioned easi is free but I had read they charge from 2Rs to 250Rs?

You can use the DIS method, the process has been explained here.

There are charges for off-market transfer, if you are transferring into your Zerodha account there are no charges from Zerodha but the broker which you are transferring shares from will charge you.

Easi is free, I’m using it from past one year and haven’t been charged anything.

The person will essentially be selling this shares to you, so I guess the LTCG will be applicable.