How to check profits from CNC trading?

I’m pretty new to Zerodha platform yet still doing my best to get used to the system.

Can someone help me in calculating or where to find the profits from CNC trading?


Its quite simple. Login to kite and click on holdings…you will be able to see the holdings along with P&L and net changes. Click on net changes and it will sort the net changes according to the highest P&L to the lowest or vice versa.

Thanks for the insight. I also want to know if CNC profits are immediately deposited into the Demat account soon after selling stocks.

CNC profits are not deposited immediately, it does not need to. I’m assuming you are talking about profits while you’re holding the stock. If you buy 10 shares of a stock A at Rs.100, your investment value is Rs.1000. Now if the stock price moves to Rs.120, your investment value has become Rs.1200. The Rs.200 profit is a part of your Holding value.

Now if you sell the stock, the entire Rs.1200 will be credited to your account. If you only wish to sell the profit bit, then you can sell Rs.200 worth of stock and still maintain your initial investment.

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I mean after making profits. Let’s say on Oct 5, i bought Rpower and make a profit of Rs 3000. Where will i see this Rs 3000 (of course after taxes)? Will it be reflected in the contract notes of Oct 5?

This profits along with the original investment amount will be credited to your trading account.

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Thanks @Karthik. I’m already in love with Zerodha platform and the thriving community here.

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