How to claim the Investor protection fund - IPF

Let’s assume a trader has 1 cr amount of money in his trading account, and broker defaults.
Now, he wants to claim the money from Investor protection fund for 25 lks (max limit) from NSE.
And BSE has IPF up to 15 lkhs. Also MCX has 25 lks limit.

Will the person who lost the money due to broker default be able to claim it from NSE, BSE and MCX together.(adding all the claimable money ? NSE + BSE + MCX.

Also, has anyone from this forum ever tried this ? How was the experience while claiming it from NSE etc ?
And can anyone redirect me to some website that clearly lists out how to apply for IPF just in case(other than NSE website). As a trader, I must be aware of all these stuff.

Thanks in advance.

Has anyone ever had the experience of claiming IPF ?