How to clear the history of entered stocks in a particular strategy?

I wish to know how can I delete the stocks entered previously in a particular strategy at once.
I am finding it very difficult as for a particular strategy whenever I had to test it out, the older stocks remain on the list.

Another query I have, How to insert a particular date to test the strategy directly from the strategy itself instead of running the strategy for once as a dummy. And then re-enter the Date from the screening page?
This is eating up my time. and each time I had to waste one chance of screening as I am doing it for nothing.
I believe the UI team should provide the Date field in the 1st screening page itself.

Hi @bubunis

When you click on backtest, it takes you to the backtest page. You need to click on “edit parameters”. You will find a remove all function there.

As regards to the the backtest date, we have released an update yesterday and you will find this under the advanced section in the create page itself.