How to code my strategy

Dear Sir,
I have one strategy in mind with stochastic and macd indicators but I am not able to do coding in streak of it. Please help me in coding below strategy.
On 5 minutes candle whenever there is a cross over in stochastic above 80 (overbought zone) and there is also a cross over in the Macd at the same time or with in next 3 candles i want to make a short position.


@Streak can you.

Hi @dhirendra_ranjan,

You can use this condition

Note because you mentioned a short position, MACD short crossover is assumed here.

Dear Sir,
How to do coding in streak for bearish crossover between stochastic fast line and stochastic slow line above 80 (overbought zone).

You can use this condition
Stochastic(14,%k,Yes,0) higher than 80 and Stochastic(14,%k,Yes,0) cross below Stochastic(14,%d,Yes,0)

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