How to code this using AFL?


I want every 1 minute average value using afl.


global x;

anymethod() this method should call every minute and get the average value of the last minute and assign to x by comparision.

initially assign open value to x, say it is 100, ie at 9:15

After 9:16, find the average value during 9:15:01 to 9:16, , say it is 100.5

compare new average value(100.5) with existing value of the variable x ie x= 100,

When new average value i sgreater than the existing one , then assign

100.5 > 100, so assign 100.5 to x. now x=100.5

next minute average is 100.25

100.25 > 100.5, it is false, so dont assign value to x. x= 100.5

next minute average is 101.

101 > 100.5, so assign new value to x. now x =101

Is it possible to code like this in AFL?

The above given condition is not possible as there is no storage of any values for defined variables in Amibroker AFL