How to Create a Custome Order Shortcut in NEST trader?

I am scalper. I use Zerodha NEST trader. I asked this to zerodha support but they also dont have a direct answer. Maybe some computer programmer or NEST expert solve this.

I work this way--

1) Quick Buy and Sell order

2) Quick SL-M order

3) Quick exit

In 1) and 3) above it is easy to get in and get out using F1 and F2 shortcuts with Order window customized to focus on price.

In Number 2 step I get lagged down due to Selection of SL-M from drop down menu.

So in order to quiken this process I wish to create simple shortcuts say

A) F3 -- SL-M Buy Order with focus on price

B) F4 -- SL-M Sell Order with focus on price

Does anyone knows how to achieve this customization in NEST trader??

If yes please please guide me about this.

If this becomes possible, it would be really useful for me and all traders like me.

Thanks & regards,

You can set shortcut keys for the options available in the shortcut manager in preference setting. As of A) and B) in your question, it is not possible to do it.

HI there, i must agree with you as a day trader placing orders at lightning speed is important. I did tried the zerdoha support team but nothing worked. i have tried calling the other trading platforms like tradetiger, upstox but they do not have this option. I would be grateful to you if you come across anywhere with the options you have mentioned and let me know

thank you


Consider Interactive Brokers. They have something called “Chart Trader”, which gives the functionality of trading directly from the charts by configurable “hot buttons” and by placing order by just moving the horizontal lines on the chart.

~Neha (

@ Neha
Thank you for the link .This CHART TRADER is from ninja trader platform? zerodha pi has similar provision i.e trade from chart but not a big fan. I’m looking for hot keys like in this link below. If by any chance happen to know any trading platform that has got this kinda options if not exactly the same i would be grateful to you. i get frustrated to use my mouse to execute my orders/modify

Chart Trader is from Interactive Brokers, which is a brokerage firm just like Zerodha. The ho buttons and chart trading features are much better than Pi.

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my computer is 64 bit windows 10 .
it supports both : 32 bit and 64 bit . NEST trader .

i know for 64 bit nest ; i need 64 bit excel and for 32 bit nest ; i need 32 bit excel .
my question is : what is the difference between if i trade with 32 bit nest or 64 bit nest .

differences as to : time , speed , performance , order execution , link to excel data reflection , basket order , market watch price updates etc etc etc

is there any difference ?

as per my knowledge, the diff in 64 & 32 bit is only speed of calculation, nothing else. even on 64 bit system u can run 32 bit applications.

BTW, which broker provides nest terminal now days? i thought that every broker stopped providing nest.

What does it mean ?
How much difference does it make between 32 bit and 64 bit ?

Well, i’m not a tech guy, so can’t provide you more details,in that case google will help you for more details.
but as per my knowledge, in 64 bit we get more speed of process, better graphics & even more security than 32 bit.
i use many 32 bit software in 64 bit system, it work smoothly, having 64 bit software will contribute to increases some speed.