How to create scan for finding a high by 1%


I am trying to create a scanner in streak with 15 minutes candle. All I want to achieve is to find out if a candle is up by 1 to 2% from previous candle.i am able to choose open, prev close and so on, but struggling to set the comparator ‘up by’ to fit a number range, which is 1 to 2%. Can someone guide if it is possible to do that ?


You may try the newly introduced Create Plus for this. All the expressions which were only available in Scanner only, have been now given in the Strategy as well.

Hi @Karthick_M1,

The up by/down by comparator is already available in the Create scanner page. Please refer to the image below.

In case you are not able to find this, please write to [email protected]

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Hi, the above expression doesn’t give option to give a range, like between 1 to 2% but only one specific value. And the meaning of up by is unclear

To create a condition for a range you can use

Close(0)/Previous N(Close,-1,15min) lower than 1.02 and Close(0)/Previous N(Close,-1,15min) higher than 1.01

To explain up by in the context of a condition, Close(0) up by 2% from Previous N(Close,-1,15min) would filter out all stocks whose current candle Close price is equal to or higher than 2% from previous candle Close price.

Hope this helps.


I tried this but I get some parsing error. Could be some syntax issue I believe. Attached the screenshot.

And I am under impression that open(0) is today’s opening price and prevclose(-1) day is prev days closing price. Is that understanding correct ?

Open(0), Close(0) always refer to the working candle Open, Close and not to Day Open or Day Close.