How to create strategy in


I have strategy in text from pro.streak and I want to create it in I find it difficult to understand do the same here. Can you help?

Copy of the strategy from pro.streak.

BUY with max allocation 50000 when Close(1) lower than Open(1) and Abs( Close(1) - Open(1) ) higher than equal to ( High(1) - Low(1) ) * 0.6 and ( Open(0) lower than Close(1) and Close(0) lower than Open(1) and Close(0) higher than ( Close(1) + ( Open(1) - Close(1) ) * 0.5 ) and Low(0) lower than Low(1) and High(0) lower than High(1) ) and Close(0) higher than Open(0) at 15min candle interval using candlestick chart. Enter trade between 00:00 to 23:59


Hi, @Nitu_Kumari we have shared the strategy link created as per your requirement based on our understanding. Refer to the link below:

Hope this helps.

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How to keep stop loss of entry candle’s low?

@Nitu_Kumari In the exit condition, you can use the function “Trade candle” in the following manner as shown below to meet your requirements.

For further queries, write to [email protected] and the team shall help you.

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