How to customize Range Bars for Nifty Options in Kite? Shows (0. 05-0)

I raised a ticket with Zerodha Support and was asked to post here for a reply

Nifty Futures is working fine but Options Chart unable to customize since the range being shown is (0.05-0).

Kindly help.

This is the range bar chart of today’s Nifty 5 minutes data. Each bar is of 10 points. so whenever the price crosses range of 10 points (up/down) it prints next bar. Range bar chart is not time bound but shows price action mainly.

p.s. you can plot any range between 0.05 to 19…it is related to price movement. Any in between no. given by us, will be taken as Range of that much points.

Thanks ShreyaDR
How do we do it for Nifty Options Chart for example CE7400. There the range is showing (0.05 to 0)
Kindly suggest