How to deal with the suspended stock Shiva Texyarn?

Status of ‘SHIVA TEXYARN LTD.’ is ‘Suspended due to Procedural reasons’. What is Shareholder advised to do? What are the ways to get money back to whatever possible extent?
Is it likely that it could be resumed after a while by BSE again?

Let’s hope the suspension is revoked and that the company is listed again on the secondary market. If it does, then you can sell out your shares. Some more reading here.

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Today I can see this stock is trading again in BSE. But, now I see less stocks in my Holdings compare to the quantity I had before. I would have not sold this stock. But, in this case, should I sell this and invest elsewehere? Still is it risky?

This is completely your call. There was a reduction in capital in Shivtex. You could read up on the impact of capital reduction and take a call accordingly.