How to define failure in stock market and what is the importance of that in a traders life?

We are driven by us, but sometimes by external force. A failure should be defined and examined. A mistake should be corrected within the varsity of complex stock market.

  1. when one should exit trading and why?

  2. what should be the reason some one to exist in stock market ?

  3. Why not to trade?

  4. Why we should be pet for brokers?

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  1. Everyone exit trading when he or she became bankrupt, because trading is a thing if you do not get right due to lack of knowledge, he or she will be in hell ,2: reason for exit from the market is lack of knowledge or investing or trading , investing or trading when everyone is greedy and selling the thing when everone is fearful , this might be the reason for exit from market and then people start hating stock markets and start saying that everyone will loose money in it, 3: about your third question: why not to trade, i does not agree that why not to trade, yes but with certain rules, like does not go into stock futures, bank nifty, stock options, nifty is good for everyone and options writing, why people always loose in trading, because they trade with over optimism , trading is also done with fundamentals not technicals, ( momentum might also be a factor remember during trading, inwill give you a example of technicals failure, in recent days everone says if 8220 broken on upside , nifty will reach 8400 in just a matter of time, these are the most stupid things i have ever seen in my life , actually if you want to see resistance and support , look out where there is agressive call writing and put writing, this will be the resistance and support

1. If you are continuously experiencing losses in stock market trading and left with no further money to trade or invest,you have to quit stock market. There is no other option.NOBODY ( MARKETS,BROKERS,ADVISORS,FRIENDS) IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LOSSES.The responsibility starts and ends with you.

2. It depends upon the type of person you are. If you want to exist in stock market and want to earn profit you should understand the different types of markets,investor/trader psychology,reasons for price movement,importance of economic data,events which may decide market price movement etc.Ultimately it is the return on investment which lures every other person to stock market,but many are not aware of the risks involved in getting those returns,that is the problem. It is not a failure for you as a person if you can't make it in stock market.You can earn somewhere else.

3. If you have a interest in something then only you will do that work. Likewise if you are earning handsome profits in trading you will be tempted to trade every day. On the other hand if you are booking losses day after day,you should quit trading either because of insufficient capital or not able to handle the stress associated with that work for no benefit. The choice is yours.

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  1. It is quite natural, because we (traders) are the breadwinners to them and not vice- versa. We can survive without trading, but brokers can’t survive without active traders.