How to delete tradingqna account?

I could not find any option to delete this account.

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Discourse forums have a safety threshold (normally linked to the number of posts a user has created on the forum) which if breached, doesn’t allow the user to delete the account by themselves. Best would be to contact admin/moderators for getting the account deleted (Refer to this thread on the official Discourse forum about this topic)

Why? Pls stay with us

I can but wondering why?

Why we can’t delete our account ? (I don’t want to delete.)

@Gautam wondering why to delete ? What issues in keeping ur posts which has lot if information?

May be true or may not be but if few faces keep cheering and enjoying ur presence, thats the achievement u hv made. However, thats ur choice. But would love to hv u in this arena. Hv good tm.

@Gautam do you mean you are quitting trading as target is hit already? And u r pursuing other career? Or is it u r quitting due to mounting losses? Because trading ends up in huge losses esp in these type of very volatile uncertain times.

Sorry Gautham ur last post throws lot of questions than answers

If u r not going to use the forum that is fine , u can simply ignore further posts. but why to specifically look for account deletion and post deletion? Did ur close circle read anything thereby revealing ur identity?

Please don’t leave this forum… Among the knowledge people present here you are one of them…
Your replies and solutions to the questions are very helpful who are newbie in trading…
And there is no harm in helping others…
And as said " knowledge is increased by sharing it "

@Gautam thanks for details
It just takes self control to avoid visiting forum
But now the entire posts archives which are educational or informative is lost

Frankly why to remove altogether as it may help others

Its feel uneasy to see , like fellow trader says good bye , why don’t you reconsider your choice , you are one of the good Trading QNA member. personally speaking some of your posts has led me to a profitable trade!! At the least you can keep low profile but be on the forum.

You all sound so desperate , begging and crying after a heartbreak.

Come on, people go and leave everyday. And it’s not that elon musk is leaving.

So be it,if it pinches but this thread is getting longer with chats that seem like a sob corner.

@Gautam you can just log out and never visit. Come on, you must be a grown up man. You must have certainly done other sweaty things. Bye man.

Did anyone try this?

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Just curious, has anyone’s account ever been deleted in the history of trading QnA ?

will the thread started by a user, posts & replies from other users get deleted if any user’s account get deleted? It happens in FB & other social media. so if anybody successfully delete his a/c then all usefull information will be deleted automatically, & the whole precious time given by other users will be wasted.