How to demat physical share certi?

I have physical shares. I want to demat those.
How can i demat physical shares?
Can i demat those physical shares even if those are not currently being traded on the exchanges?

Hey @dp1980

You will not be allowed to de-materialize shares which are not currently trading on the exchanges. Refer to this article for the procedure.

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but SEBI says to demat those befor 5th Dec.2018
How do i know if the companies name is changed?

Any share which has a ISIN can be demated . demating of share has nothing to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with if the share is listed , delisted , unlisted or not traded.
Do ISIN search at nsdl /cdsl and if it is there you can give it to your DP by filling a form . the shares will be demated in at 15-20 days time.

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@dp1980 : sebi never said it is compulsorily to demat by 05 December and WILL NEVER SAY SO because many senior citizen old investor still hold many many shares in physical form in huge quantity as they are not active in market .
what sebi said is NO TRANSFER of physical share will be done after 05 December for listed share ( deadline was 03 October for unlisted shares) means you can not sell or buy shares in physical form after 05 December .

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What if i am left with physical share of companies which are currently not listed on the exchanges?
Can i demat those shares?

@dp1980 : AS i said demat has nothing to do with shares if it is listed or not but ISIN ( international security identification number) . search for ISIN in nsdl website .

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how do i find if the companies name has changed?

DO name change search at bse website and if tough to find just type name of the company you hold in google . you should be able to get information of name change.
for your information i have over 300-400 share certificates of about 85-90 companies who are dead and nobody can buy even at 10 paisa per share .Than there are few certificates of which demating is not financially viable as the quoted price is in few paisa.

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thank you sir for your reply.