How to demat physical shares not yet transferred

I have physical equity shares not yet transferred to my name. I wish to do so and transfer it into my DMAT account.

  1. What is the process?

  2. Where do I get the Share Transfer Forms and Stamps (Karnataka)?


share transfer form SH -4 can be downloaded from internet stamps @ 0.25% of market value of share need to be purchased from government treasury which is very cumbersome process. Contact a government stamp vendor in your area who may arrange for you at some extra charges.


Are these now the same as that franked at sub registrars? Or are they some other type?

i do not think share transfer stamp can be franked at sub registrars office but surely need more guidance if it is possible nowadays . earlier in physical share era there were lots of stamp vendors and almost everybody use to keep share transfer stamps and even offer discount but now with very limited vendors and almost non existent demand no vendors keep ready but procures for the buyer from government Treasury only on demand that too for some minimum amount and extra charges.