How to do Scalping in Copper Mini (or any other metals MCX)

I’m a customer of Zerodha, I was interested to know about scalping in commodities (base metals). Is it a good idea, if yes, then, can someone throw some light.

Scalping is a High skill game. Lot of screen experience is required to do it because We have to identify the Opportunities very quickly and to identify reversals very quickly. Most importantly I listened that in Scalping Traders vary the position size depends on Probability of Success. That means Trader need to emotionally strong to bear the Losses when Position size is big.

Finally as per my understood Scalping is a very skill full game in Trading. Scalpers mentality is to be very flexible and emotionally strong. 

If you interested Just read this article about who is a Scalper.

In Nitin words You can find here.

Simple EMA Cross over makes profit,

It is all about Market Understanding, Money management and discipline

Thanks for answering, understood most of the things. But, I was looking for a strategy/technique for real time working in MCX CopperMini