How to do Stop & Reverse in zerodha.?

If Nifty is trading at 7000 now. I buy 1 lot from 6800 few days back. I set a target to reverse it from 6900, that is previous buy position is covered, also 1 lot short also taken from 6900.

Your question is little unclear.
I dont think this is zerodha specific question.
Could you explain in clear manner?

@shubhS9 Can you answer this question? I have same requirement.

You cannot directly convert your Long position to Short and vise-versa, you will have to exit your Long position and then take fresh Short position.

However, if you are Long and want to exit this position and take Short position you can place Stoploss order with additional quantity.

Eg, you are Long Nifty Futures 1 Lot (75 Quantity), you can place Stoploss for 2 Lots (150 Quantity), when this is hit 1 Lot Long will be squared-off and 1 Lot Short position will be executed.

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Nice. This is helpful. Thanks for information.