How To Dp /Borkage charges calculate in zerodha

I am new in stock marketing.
I just buy small stocks like 9 , 13 and 34 rupees and also buy and sell again and again within 2 days
all are Equity.
i have some questions----
Q1) ** I bought 1 stcok of 9 rupees how much Dp charge apply on that and on other as well ??**

Q2) If a buy some stock and sell another day. can buy borkage or sell borkage are different ??

Q3 ) ** Can dp charges different for different order or on qunitiy bases??**

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Hey @sushil_kumar1

  • You will be charged Rs 15.93 irrespective of the price and quantity of the stock.
  • The buy brokerage and sell brokerage will be the same, however the taxes will differ. Refer to this for the exact details.
  • DP charges are Rs 13.5+18% GST per scrip per day. The price and quantity of shares doesn’t matter.

For example, lets say you have 5 shares of Company A, 10 shares of Company B. If you sell 1 share of company and 5 shares of Company B, you will be charged Rs (15.93)x2

DP charges are not applicable for intraday and BTST trades.

if I am buying today and selling today its called intraday?
Can Dp charges apply on it?
Or just normal charges apply on it?

i am mostly buy CNC stocks not MIS But I am sell them same day.
Its cause any problem or how much Dp charges apply on it.

If you buy and sell /sell and buy ,same same day no DP charges can be levied .even if you buy and sell the next day (BTST)there can not be any dp charges.DP charges are applicable only when shares are removed from your demat account .

Ok Brother i have some other question please clearify.

Q1) that means i am not worry about Dp charges if i am buy today and sell today ?

Q2). what about holding . how much we can hold the stock and what Dp charges apply on them.
Example: If i buy 10 stocks of Sbi total cost 2880 rupees , if i sell all 10 stock after 10 days or more around 3000 how much dp cost on that

@sushil_kumar1 : 1) DP charges applicable only on SALE /REMOVAL from your account so absolutely no DP charges if sale -purchase same day or next day .2) DP charges are fix rate irrespective of value of shares or quantity and with Zerodha i understand it is 13.50 plus 18% gst per ISIN per instruction . suppose you buy 10 sbi today and sell 10 sbi after few days dp charges will be 13.50 plus 18% gst (even if you sell 1 each ten times in A DAY ) but if you sell 4 one day and 6 another day than dp charges will be 2 times as they are based on per instruction .

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Ok , I sell 10 stock of sbi with in a day but different time duration So Dp charge once calculate on it
13.5+18% , Not 10 times (13.5+18%)x10.
I am right?

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YES . DP charges are based on per instruction (of total sale combined )per scrip on a day .Please note that DP charges and Brokerage are 2 different things. my DP is different than my broker and no POA given to broker but i myself give delivery on sale through NSDL speed E online facility.


I know about zerodha borkage they have page where we calculate about borkage of intraday and delivery but I don’t know about dp chagres thats why i am came here.

Thanks for your help

hello Bro can Dp charges apply on T1 day ?

i understand by T1 you mean buy today sell tomorrow .NO dp charges do not apply in such case.


Yes Buy today sell tomorrow Thanks.

Can you help me please understand the funds add and withdrawl concept also Account value and Account balance.?

Assuming you bought today X share worth rs 100 and sold same share for 150 tomorrow means on 20 paid 100 today and you will get 150 by 4 -5 pm on November 22. minus brokerage and expenses as per your agreed terms . Frankly speaking money of today’s purchase value is required by broker on the morning of 21 November and tomorrow sale value will be available by afternoon of 22 November so in a real sense broker is investing funds for 1 days only.


I am sell my order from holding which is T1 day today .
After selling order status is complete but he show in position with -10 qunitity . On exit position there is option of buying again 10 stocks .
What that means ?

If am clear my postion he still pending in postion and can this order show tomorrow in holding with -10 quntity ?

i am not familiar with your brokers (assuming Zerodha ) accounting or security display style. what i am assuming is you bought on friday and sold same share today on Monday means BTST. NO ISSUE but please note that it carries a very small risk…what if your yesterdays (Friday )purchase is not delivered by seller or short delivered so it can not be adjusted with today’s sale !your today’s sale will go in auction .MAY BE perhaps because of this reason it is still showing -10 in your holding /portfolio but should be ok by Tuesday afternoon the schedule delivery time of your Friday purchase.

Happy to have this discussion on brokerage calculation!!!

Thank brother u cleared the things to me also. I was also not knowing about DP charges or T1 concept. Brother please explain except zerodha which other brokerage house allow sell without DP charges on T+1 day i.e. on 1st day excluding trading day?

18% gst of turnover or profit?

18% GST will be on Rs. 13.5.

@ShubhS9 - On Zerodha DP charges apply for T1 or T2 sell?