How to Exit from Manual positions with Streak

Is it possible to include my present trade in any strategy?

@Streak @Vasu_patel

@SystematicChaos do you mean you already have entered a position and now you want to build a strategy that considers the Entry you have already taken as a part of the strategy?

I mean I have bought some stocks already and want to create exit conditions for this.

I know I can not edit a live strategy…but these are not taken with Streak i have taken the manually. So anyway i can incorporate a strategy to only get the exit signals ?

Please note that- Currently, a strategy has to be created with Entry as well as exit conditions(TP/SL).

However, a workaround for keeping track of your exit conditions and accordingly getting an exit notification for the existing position can be done by creating an opposite strategy (Sell-side) and entering your exit criteria in the ‘entry conditions’.

So whenever your existing long position has reached your required exit criteria, you will get a fresh ‘Sell’ entry notification and you can click on it to exit your open positions/holdings. After this, you can “Force Stop” your strategy manually by clicking on the Stop button from the Entered section under Live strategies