How to Exit on a Specific time

For entry i was simply using the start time and stop time and it was working fine for entries ( if I enter start time as 10 then it will start looking for entries from 10 am). BUt today i noticed that this isn’t the case for exit, the trades are still live after my selected stop time. how do I exit at a specific time?


You can use the ‘Candle time’ feature of Streak to create time-based entry and exit conditions. Kindly go through the below blog to learn more about the Candle time function and how to use it in Streak:


hi, i have created short straddle but want to enter at 9:20 and exit it at 12 at 5 min tf. are these conditions correct?



These conditions are correct and you should get an entry alert at 09:20 and an exit alert at 12:00


Thanks for the quick confirmation. Awesome!


can i create a condition saying DONT trade on a particular day? say Wednesday

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You can refer to the condiitons in the below image to not get an entry Trade on Wednesday.

You can use similar logic and change the number to not fetch an entry on a specific day as required.


Damn this is a nice trick. Could not have thought :joy: Thanks much

You’ll need to recheck your trading plan and see the right time. I think if you find the right time frame, you won’t face this issue again.

i agree with you.
what timeframe do you use and works well for you?
for me combination of 5 and 15mins is looking good

Create time-based entry and exit conditions using the Streak ‘Candle Time’ feature.

This seems to be a great system to me. But how do you decide on which days to trade and not to trade? Does this system work that way too?

Yes this can be done too. Use the CandleTime(dayofweek) function. I had a similar query. Here is the link for that - Entry on a specific day