How to export 1 min data of Nifty from NEST trader and import the same into any other charting software?

NEST Trader software can stores data only for past 3 weeks. Therefor for back-testing is it possible to export 1 min data from NEST to any other charting software (preferably free software). Please suggest a good software also.

Do you mean the NIFTY 1 min tick values?

You can download the 1 min data from Google Finance or Yahoo Finance as .csv excel files.Download something called Data downloader (volume digger) search in google for this. That site is closed but you can download the software from some other links in internet where they have backup. Its a very simple software, no installation required. Set the Scrip names in the notepad file for Intra day and download the 1 min data.

You can use those .csv files to upload into many charting softwares.

Can you please suggest any good free charting software which also provides technical indicators for further analysis and back testing of strategies.

For charting, zerodha too have good charting features. Amibroker, moneycontrol etc too have good charting I heard. But I have never used them. Nowadays Google and Yahoo finance charts seem ok for beginners like me. The Google/Yahoo back fill data that you download using volume digger can be used in Amibroker it seems.