How to file tax for Intraday and equity delivery

The tax p&l shows a profit of  -188.35 for intraday and SHORT TERM GROSS PROFIT ₹8,764.60...

How do I include this in my tax evaluation??  I think for short term gross profit (equity delivery) tax has already been deducted @15%. The total  INTRADAY TURNOVER is ₹201.25 and SHORT TERM TURNOVER is ₹1,72,947.20.  With this much turnover (small amount) do I need to file tax returns ?? Is there any minimum turnover amount for tax filing?? 

I job and used to file itr-4 for that in 20% tax slab. If I need to file tax for intraday amount how it has to be done? can I set off intraday loss(-188.35) against any like savings bank interest etc.

Please suggest



hello trader,

Things can get so complicated in tax calculations.

You find answer to one question and it opens up another 10 questions that needs filling up.

The easiest and stress free way to do this, is to find an accountant, pay 500 INR and forget about it.

check -
If you have more quarry regarding taxation than

hmm…but not 5oo INR…it cost 1500 to 2000 INR…!