How to filter stocks after pre-open (according to %)

With Zerodha trading terminal (with the help of code), can someone help me to filter 5% opened higher and lower stocks in the pre-open session.

Note: What I’ve in my mind is to execute a file between 9:08AM and 9:12AM, so that I get the list of stock names which satisfy the above requirement for trading purpose.

Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.

This could be useful. If you sort as per Change % it gives the top among the list.

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Thanks for your reply. But how to get it through Zerodha trading terminal CODING part… ie., I want a simple code to filter stocks from Zerodha trading terminal.
Can you help please.

Sorry leslie, I have not yet studied algoZ.
You could ask some seniors, or email to and see whether they could give you a sample code.

Thanks for your kind reply. Will send an email to support team for a sample code. Take good care :slight_smile: