How to find info of why share price dropped

Hi Guyz,

I purchased , some x nbr of equity shares for delivery of RHFL (reliance home finance) on 2nd day ,when it was locked in upper circuit.
The very next day , it started to fall and by now I have lost 15 rs per share, (the nbr of share is not that big so i am not worried) but what i am looking is whats moving the price down.

I searched the web to see if any negative news regarding RHFL but did not find any.

So if some one can help me understand this or point me to what mistakes I made , will be really help me in my learning curve.

How do I analyse this.



The reason for fall in price could be anything like; any bad news (as you mentioned) mood of operator (difficult to predict) negative sentiment of market (what you are seeing now a days ) or call given by any “EXPERT”

So i would say that there is no one particular source through which you can find out the reason for a downfall.

As far as this particular trade of yours is concerned, it seems to be a game of pure volatility.

Consider this situation - You met a person at a place somewhere around your house for the very first time in your life. This person appears to be nice (Remember “appears to be”) but you don’t have any knowledge about him (like who he is, what’s his profession) Now tell me, would you lend 10,000 INR to this person if he ask for it?

So next time when you want to trade in a new company allow things to settle down first. You don’t have to worry about opportunities as there are plenty of them.

For your reference, there was too much buzz around AB capital when it was listed but see where it is trading now. Instead of buying it then, i bought it yesterday(sold today) and trust me the money i made was not even made by those who bought it on listing. (I’m sure you might be aware of of the fact that many people are trapped in AB capital who bought it on listing day or 1,2 days after that)

So try not to play volatility in this manner just like you give money to those who can return :slight_smile:

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