How to find the Current weekly Strikes in Streak?

I’m a newbie so please help. Today, I was expecting to be able to add a NIFT29SEP… weekly strike price but nothing is to be found. Only NIFTY22SEP are visible. Then I tried a dynamic contract with CURRENT and it auto-selected a NIFTY22SEP which expired already.??

Note that “NIFTY22SEP…” means the ‘Nifty September 2022’ contract. The last week’s expiry contract of any Month is nothing but the monthly expiry contract itself(There are no specific contracts for the last week’s expiry). Hence, the nomenclature for last week/monthly expiry contract is Symbol+Year+Expiry month+Strike price+Option type i.e. for example - NIFTY22SEP17000CE.

And, for other weekly expiry contracts, the nomenclature is as follows:
Symbol+Year+Expiry Month Number+Expiry Week+Strike price+Option type
i.e. For example - NIFTY22092217000CE. This is the contract that expired on the 22nd of September 2022.

However, the nomenclature for option contracts is not the same for October, November, and December. It will be as follows:

Weekly expiry: Symbol+Year+Expiry month+Expiry Week+Strike price+Option type
Example - NIFTY22O0617000PE (Here October month is denoted by the letter ‘O’)

Monthly expiry: Symbol+Year+Expiry month+Strike price+Option type
Example - NIFTY22OCT17850PE

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