How to find these kind of stocks?

Any suggestions how do we find below type of shares for intraday?

Tatamotors and Tatamotorsdvr today
Infosys on 14 dec 2018

Thank you :slight_smile:

Edit: Even check petronet today.

Anyone? Or am I not supposed to know it?

What do you mean? Its random

Sometimes news based, some stock will move up. Some times random stocks will be top gainers.

What do you want to predict

I meant to say these stocks were consistently in uptrend for a good amt of time in a day. And that was a controlled uptrend like no really big candles or long wicks. They were consistent.

I wanted to know how do we identify these stocks.
I thought of adx consistently rising but don’t know how would I use it to find these.

When F&O monthly expiry gets close, even bad stocks rise without any news because of short covering. and when algo trade bots noticed short covering in future market they put buy order in stock right away.

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So we cannot catch this with ADX. Seems I need to concentrate on the opposite of what the future market is telling.

I did notice quite a few times that increase in oi with increase in price today have shorting in intraday tomorrow.
Correct me if I am wrong.
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It depend on stock, if u figured its just a short covering then u can short at 3:29pm in future. but doing same in blue chip, good news or based out stock will be punished pretty bad.

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Ok all these steps is happening a day before.
I don’t want to predict. Lemme explain little bit more.

Say taking an example of zeel today. Suppose this is not in my radar. After the start of day how would I have find out this stock? Like say after 15-20 min? Like gaining momentum on the upside or downside types or something.

I don’t know if I able to explain what I am trying to say. I am a terrible at explaining things :neutral_face:

I think it was VERY OBVIOUS that ZEEL would fall more than 5% today, I think this is what you want to know right :smiley:

At start of morning, just open FNO stocks page in your screen, what I have done is I have added all FNO stocks on a watchlist on website, and it shows real time moves

Today morning was bearish, so I kept my eye on Top Losers rather than Top Gainers

Also Top Gainers had lot of candidates today - PSU Banks (5-6 names), CAPF/IDFCBank going together, so again there choosing one would be difficult

I just saw ZEEL was top loser with 2-3% down by 10 AM, then I saw its chart. Overall trend is down (falling from 600 one way), but previous 1 month it has risen 20%. So a falling knife which has risen 20% last few days, today it begins a new fall. This trade is as easy as it comes.


In short, keep eye on top 3 gainers and top 3 losers from FNO stocks. Try to select from them based on one of below two techniques which I use -

  1. Stock has started a new direction (fall/rise) and that direction is mostly sure to continue (As I have given example of ZEEL above)

  2. Stock belongs to a sector which is in move today. Lets say PSU banks are moving, or Cement stocks are showing some moves. So basically select based on sector.

Also you can sometimes predict which stock will move next based on current Top gainer/loser because both stocks are related -

Example - BHARTIARTL is 4% up lets say and IDEA is 1% up at that time, then what do you trade? Answer is simple - IDEA


You understand me pretty well :slight_smile:

I never used like that.
Actually this top gainers and losers trick was not working for me because of big gap up or down stocks on those which mostly goes sideways all day. Or may be I am seeing them on wrong time which usually is pre market and 9.30 am. Any suggestions on which time to see that gainer loser list?

I will surely try your techniques.
Off to adding FnO stocks.
Thanks :slight_smile:

See in case of ZEEL why I was more confident was because lets say today it didnt fall or rather went up, then I would have carried that position. So I was ready to hold short on it more than intraday.

Because after going 20% up, it has to fall soon anyways. So risk is lighter. If next 1-2 days also it didnt budge, I may have had to book loss.

If I found ZEEL in top loser, and it has already fallen 5-10% in last few days, I would be less confident in taking that short trade, then I would get out with a stop loss and not hold it for more than intraday.

— To answer your question, by 10 or max by 11 AM, your stock selection should be done, because very less stocks start a move after that time, if they would it would be based on any news only

– Also one more way of filtering stocks is, you should have an idea which stocks move more than 5% easily - both up and down. Ofcourse HDFCBANK or ICICIBANK or RELIANCE wont move more than 4-5% usually. So if I see them 2% up, I wont consider them good for intraday. But if I see a Raymond or Idea or Ujjivan as 2-3% in any direction, I would expect more juice in that move.


I am getting what you are saying.

How would you have taken a delivery for short? Is it possible? I have not traded in futures, so don’t know.

Thank you very much for making me understand the concept behind it.

Yea I did observe this.

You can say I was kinda ignoring low % gain or loss stocks thinking they might not going anywhere.

Thank you so much.

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