How to get consolidated contract notes for ITR

I do intraaday trading , so to do my ITR I gave my contract notes to my CA , there are more than 100 sheets, due to which it is becoming to enter details one by one , is there any consolidated contract notes of all days

Prince, you don’t really need a contract note to enter these details. A broker would have also give you a P&L statement with charges on that. That’ll do.

If you are trading at Zerodha, you get all tax ready reports, check this:

FIFO method(first in first out) is used to determine how long you have been holding. On Q there is a holding breakup with number of days. Check this

Hi Nithin, I’ve one small doubt which no one have answered. For the purpose of tax calculation, buying and selling of shares are counted as FIFO, but on the Q platform, I think it didn’t follow FIFO rule because my long-term (>1 year) sells are shown as short-term as I bought more shares when needed. Could you please clarify here?