How to get current portfolio value (equivalent of cash)?


This might be a dumb question, but I really struggle to get this clearly without spending huge amount of time figuring out this -

My question - If I exit all my investments(equity, debt, derivatives ,gold, ETFs, options positions, pledged and others) what will be the cash I will have today ?

In Zerodha console Dashboard I see these numbers -

Account value
Equity holdings
Mutual funds
Account margin
Pledged holdings
Short option premium
Cash balance

So what is the formula to get answer to my above question ?

I have other questions like how do I get my ROI(not P&L) on any asset class(equity, derivatives) for a given period ? (this is even more difficult to get from console)


Account value on console is your cash equivalent of you sell everything.

ROI - If you are referring to XIRR it is not yet available on console.

Total return rate is shown on your portfolio page in console