How to get Future contract prices for all available Expiry ?

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Is there a place to get the price for future contracts. For Example Banknifty MAY/JUNE/JULY contract prices in one place?

Is it possible to get this info in an automated way?

You should get on daily bhavcopy on NSE website but it will have close/settlement price, if you are looking for live prices then broker provides them on their trading platforms, and if you want that that on to excel or something then you can use their APIs provided you know a bit of coding.

Thank you. Could you please share the API details of Zerodha. Usage of API is free or any cost involved in it.

You can check this..

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Thank You.

Sir, In Bhav copy I am not able to find the future contract prices. I have downloaded the file which has many files inside it. But none of the files doesn’t have information which I am looking for.

Tried in Below link with an option (BHAVCOPY and BHAVCOPY(PR.ZIP)

could you please guide me. parallely I am also exploring Kite connect. meantime just wanted to start with my analysis. So your help is highly Appreciated.

I got the details. the link which I used for Equities. Below is the one for FNO .