How to get Mutual Fund statement


  1. For all investments made via coin, how can I get the Mutual Fund statement? Is there a provision on Coin itself?
  2. Secondly, if I login to the Mutual Fund house’s website, I should ideally see investments made via coin in my account, right? I do not. My KYC is complete and all my previous investments (via broker or securities website) show up but not the ones via coin.

Please help?


Hi Vivek,

For the mutual fund investments in demat form, the AMCs generally are not able to generate and send you the statement. Even, when you enter your folio details on their website you would get an error saying that the folio or PAN does not match. But, when you call their customer care then they would confirm that the investments is valid and they will have your details.
However, some clients are able to generate the statement from the AMC website when they mention the folio details.

For the convenience of our customers who are investing in demat form, we have mentioned the procedure in this link through which you can generate your demat account statement. This statement reflect your investments in equities, mutual funds,bonds,etc.

You can get a detailed statement of your MF transactions (consolidated across KARVY, CAMS) etc here :
You can click on detailed radio button to specify a period.

Hello Nithin,

My Zerodha Client ID is ZS0592. I have 4 Direct Plans in you Zerodha Coin, But when i download Karvy Details statement it’s shows me only 2 direct fund. Why all direct fund doesn’t seen in this. Help me for this purpose.

Hi Darshan,

Check the reply above.

This Link is not Working.

Do you have any other working link?

link is not available can you please update it?

I have investments thru Zerodha and also thru agents/advisors
I dont see Zerodha MF investments reflected in Cams Online statements??
PAN no has been disclosed and Folio nos alloted.
Cams has not captured investments thru your platform
Any leads?

Explained here

If I’ve updated PAN after one year of investing in SIP, will CAM statement update too? Will CAM reflect my folio which didn’t have PAN number but later updated?

Contact CAMS!