How to get Previous day Open price in Pi script for some calculation in algo. It would be backtest in 5 minute time frame

you can get previous days open price with REF(OPEN,1) but you have to use day time frame

isn’t any another way to keep taking previous day open because the script can’t work and how would i get it , if the script strictly wants to follow the previous day open , i mean definitely there would be another way

That I also know how to use REF !! Read what I said for backtesting in 5 min

What i think to get PREVIOUS DAY open price in 5 min chart is get open price of back 75th bar from current bar … and add like 75 + current bar … e.g. if you are at 9.:45 AM then it would be 75+6 :slight_smile: … NOT TESTED …just now clicked …

now the problem is to get current bar position … without this count or number it would be open price of previous 74th bar only … so not possible