How to Import Pi Chart Data to AmiBroker.?

Dear Fellow Traders,

How to Import Pi Chart Data to AmiBroker…?

Is there any Utility available to do the Same…?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Dhinesh02,

When we Export Chart Data in Pi...

By default it is saved in C:\Zerodha\Pi\Exported folder in Csv Format.

We cannot directly Import that csv File using ASCII import in AmiBroker.

BCoz, Date & Time is combined in One Column.

The Option left is, Open the csv file & Split the DateTime to Date & Time seperately,

& make a String in the Format.


& save it in text file.

Use that Text File in ASCII Importer.

But this is little bit lengthy Procedure.

I have developed a Small Utility to do the Same.

You can download it here.

Just Login to Pi.

Load Chart & Set Time Interval & Period as Required.

Export Chart data to csv.

Do above for all Symbols You want to Import.

Once Done.

Run the ImportPiData Application.

It will Parse All csv files & Automatically Import Quotes to AmiBroker.

Symbols will also automatically added to AmiBroker.

You can try it.


Hi Thanks…works like a charm

Export Chart data to csv…i dint see this option. i can export chart data to excel. is it ok?

Right Click on Chart–> Save Chart --> Save Chart Data to Excel

hey its not working for me help!!!

its making a new text file in it giving error like this
17-Sep-16 16:27:42:ParsePiChartData1:String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.


It is easy to import Pi Chart Data to AmiBroker.
Without any external tools, you can manually import chart data to AmiBroker.
Here is the Step by Step Guide.


hey… botany02
thanks for giving your precious time for helping begineers like me.
The link you have given above is not working. can you please provide me that tool. it would be so great of you…

will you please again upload this utility.
I have click the link but it says file is not there.