How to improve concentration in trading

By watching chart and news to analyse market move, always have a tendency to view email/facebook/rss/game. Is it require to monitor market always to win. What precaution should take to avoid such temptaions to miss opportunities. The answer is there in the question itself. But, request help in this issue to overcome psychological jargon and possible solution/method to follow the market.

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Getting behind a trading desk can feel a bit like climbing into the cockpit of a fighter jet. Similar to modern jet combat, live trading relies on a high level of situational awareness in order to make fast, important decisions. Much like a novice pilot sitting behind the dials, switches and controls of an aircraft for the first time, the sheer amount of information available to traders can be overwhelming.

Taking a structured approach to learning which aspects in trading require the most attention and focus allows traders to gradually increase awareness and avoid distractions. This will ultimately allow traders to process information faster, and develop the reaction times necessary to do battle in today’s markets.

Becoming a focused trader will have different implications depending on trading style, or a specific trading plan. For day traders, this may mean carefully monitoring price fluctuations throughout the day, while swing traders may only have to check the intraday markets periodically.

Position traders, on the other hand, may not need intraday data at all, and only have to check the markets at the end of each trading day or week. For each style of trading, traders must be ready to place a trade order as soon as they encounter the conditions defined by their trading plans.