How to invest in BE series stocks through Kite?

I have invested in EQ series stocks many times, but today I wanted to invest in a BE series stock (which was ORIENTALTL) and was unable to do so using kite. When I added it to my watchlist, it was showing its price as 0 and also no Market Depth ( But it was priced around Rs.14 when I checked on NSE site). Even though I placed CNC Buy order, it got rejected.

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A stock at a time will be trading only in either EQ or in BE. If you are seeing BE stock as 0, that means it is trading in EQ category. Stocks are moved to BE category from EQ when exchanges want to curb excessive speculation.

Oh Yes. Right. Thanks for your quick response. I rechecked my watchlist after your answer. ORIENTALTL is in BE but actually, I had added normal ORIENTALTL stock to my watchlist instead of adding ORIENTAL-BE stock.