How to invest in Mahindra and STC NCDs?

Recently came across article about Mahindra Finance and Shriram Transport releasing NCDs for general public to subscribe to, with lucrative rate of return. In this article i could not find out how to invest in these NCDs.
Can someone guide on how i can go about investing or purchasing these NCDs?

Hey @saurabhmishra.iitg

You’ll have to apply through ASBA, similar to IPOs. Most banks provide this option in their net-banking platforms. You’ll have to select debt IPO in which ever ASBA platform you chose.

any idea which private sector bank provide debt IPO . I have accounts in HDFC and ICICI -they have equity IPO ASBA only.

I tried checking in HDFC netbanking IPO section, but could not find the NCDs listed. The online resources point to using HDFC Securities, but opening an account with it with cost me other charges. So i guess no chance of investing without shelling out extra money for a trading account :roll_eyes: