How to invest in nifty for next 15 years?

if suppose i feel nifty will touch 25000 in next 15 years,how can i invest do i need to buy nifty contract every month and rollover or buy nifty 50 constituent stocks or any other ways?

thanks in advance.

You can just buy a Nifty ETF, called the Nifty Bees and let it reside in your DEMAT. Check this -

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Exchange Traded Nifty base funds are good. NIFTYBEES is one among them. Just check the returns yielded in past years and compare with % increase in Nifty during the same period.

If you are convinced that the increase is almost same as Nifty then go ahead and buy Niftybees.

Also some brokerages waive off the brokerage charges for purchase of NiftyBees (not zerodha). Just check that too.