How to invest in VIX

HI @nithin
How to invest in volatility index (VIX) and how much margin can we get through Kite? (Or it is just an indicator to invest we cant purchase or sell it)
Is it only for the intraday purpose or we can hold it for a long time?

If there is/are any video or literature which can give me a better understanding of investing in VIX please do share.

There was India VIX futures once upon a time. Stopped now. Check below


Is there a way to bring back the India VIX futures? (Maybe India VIX options as well). How does one petition the exchange to revive a contract?

One of the main reasons that I have understood which lead to the demise of the India VIX futures was low volume (Here a counterexample is of BSE Index options. There is barely any volume on those contracts, but BSE still provides contracts up till 2025 - screenshot below).

Does it cost the exchange a lot of resources to keep a contract tradeable? Or was there some other reason why India VIX futures were discontinued?

Also VIX futures is one of the most complex contract to understand and trade, the difference between spot and fut used to be at 30 to 70% at times, wide spreads and retailers almost lost most of the times trying to trade it.

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